Why is the 14th of February Saint Valentine's Day?

Have you ever wondered about when and how Valentine's Day tradition began?

Or why are greeting cards given away?

Regalos originales de San Valentin

Do you think that Valentine's Day is simply a marketing invention?

Well, this story will surely surprise you because Saint Valentine's Day origin is very different from what you can imagine. And why is it so? Because the origin of Valentine's Day started with a rebellious priest...

Origen de San Valentín

Stories may diverge a bit, but it is said that in the Italy of the 3rd century Roman Empire, a priest named Valentine defied an order of Emperor Claudius II that was forbidding marriage between young couples.

It turns out that at that time the Empire was fighting different wars and needed soldiers. One of the ways for a young man to avoid this obligation to go to war was to be married.

So when Valentine was discovered clandestinely marrying young couples, they imprisoned him. But during the incarceration he was able to speak to the judge whom he tried to convince about the Christian faith. The judge asked him for proof of this faith and brought her daughter who was blind for him to heal her.

They say that when Valentine put his hands over her eyes, the girl was cured at that very moment and he was released. But Saint Valentine continued to marry young couples in secret so he was again imprisoned and tragically executed on February 14, possibly the year of 270.

February 14th or Valentine's Day only began to be celebrated from the 5th century by the Catholic Church and until 1969 when the Second Vatican Council eliminated it from the liturgical calendar. But by then, Valentine's Day was already celebrated almost everywhere.

Origen del día de San Valentín
And why are greeting cards given away on Valentine's Day?

Well, apparently another legend says that before they executed him, he wrote a note to the judge's daughter whom he had cured and signed it as "Your Valentine". That's the reason why there is the tradition of giving cards and then flowers and chocolates on this day.

But don't think that those are the only gift options. If what you are looking for are original gift ideas for Valentine's Day, here are a few of them:

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Couple´s date poster for Saint Valentines

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Origami Rose tutorial

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Origami heart in a bottle necklace

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