Paper Weddings or the First Wedding Anniversary

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You have probably heard about Silver, Gold or even Diamond Weddings. It is common, for married couples, to celebrate the anniversary date of their wedding day and associate it with a material. But did you know that there are other materials that commemorate each anniversary year?

Have you ever heard of Paper Weddings?
Paper Weddings

Well yes, amiga, paper is part of that very special list of materials and it is celebrated, no more and no less, in the first year of marriage (How exciting! Because, as you may know, Paper is the main material of Papiro Gems).

The first celebration of a wedding date has a lot of meaning and you can imagine how special it is for whoever is celebrating it. The paper symbolizes both a blank canvas, on which there is a whole story to write, and the fragility of the first years of a relationship, which must be cared for to become strong.

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

On this day, something made of paper is usually given as a gift and (about paper I know quite a bit) I wanted to give you some ideas for the first anniversary gifts:

+ DIY Gifts made of paper: Fold with your own hands an origami with a written message inside of it (thanking that person for what you have lived this year together, wishes for the years that you will live together, memories of something you have lived, ...). If you want to find easy origami tutorials, I recommend you visiting this post that has some easy origami tutorials or through our Instagram TV. This is the link to the Rose Tutorial that you see below.

Tutoriales de origami de Papiro Gems


 + Custom date and place poster: There are some people and moments that mark us. They remain written not only in our memory but also in our hearts. That is why I have created this personalized poster, to remember that there is someone very close to us.

Custom lovers poster paper wedding


+ Personalized paper portrait: A totally personalized portrait can be the "paper" pin of this special day. In addition to being original, it will be a reflection of who that important person is. It will be an unforgettable memory. Ah! And it does not have to be a portrait, it can also be your initials or a number 1 to celebrate that first anniversary. Again, if you have any questions contact me (Inés) at or through the contact page.

Retrato personalizado de papel de Papiro Gems


+ Other paper gifts: Other gifts that can work perfectly on this day are, for example: a book that you may like a lot and that person is having trouble finding; a photograph of the you two with a message behind; if you are good at drawing, a drawing from somewhere that brings you good memories, a letter where you thank that person all this time together and remind that person of what you lived a year ago, ...

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Origin of this tradition

Some say that this tradition comes from medieval Germany, in which family and friends had the habit of giving the wife a silver crown when she reached the 25th wedding anniversary. It was a way of celebrating that the couple had, for so long, a harmonious relationship. If the 50th anniversary came, they gave the wife a gold crown. That is why these anniversaries are called the Silver or Gold Wedding.

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Later, anniversaries were linked with more materials and the tradition spread throughout the world. With each passing year the material becomes denser and more solid, like the relationship. For each of the years there is a material, but the most recognized worldwide are the following:

1st Anniversary: Paper Weddings

5th Anniv .: Wooden Weddings

10th Anniv .: Aluminum Weddings

15th Anniversary: Crystal Weddings

20th Anniv .: Porcelain Weddings

25th Anniversary: Silver Wedding

30th Anniversary: Pearl Weddings

35th Anniversary: Coral Weddings

40th Anniversary: Sapphire Weddings

50th Anniversary: Golden Wedding

60th Anniversary: Diamond Weddings

65th Anniversary: Platinum Weddings

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As you can see, whatever the year you are in, each year together is a cause for joy and celebration. Whether or not you celebrate your anniversary with a paper gift, enjoy this blank canvas that is life and celebrate with yours!

Check our online store or our Papiro Gems Instagram in case you want to see more designs made on paper made of course with much love. Take care!

Inés A.L.

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