Origami Halloween Tutorials!

Halloween is coming soon! 

You may really want to celebrate Halloween. Although you may also say to me, "I really don't care about Halloween, because this year we are probably not going to celebrate it."
And you may be absolutely right because Covid has affected many of this year´s celebrations. But whether you are like me (I love this date and this time of the year and I also love DIY decorations) or if you simply want to take your first steps with some easy DIY origami tutorials of Halloween shapes to decorate your home, I recommend that you take a look at the tutorials I have prepared especially for you.
Origami Pumpkin
Here's a tutorial to make a paper origami Halloween pumpkin garland to entertain yourself crafting this Halloween from home.
And here you have an easy tutorial to make your own paper origami Halloween bats for your Halloween decoration and entertain the little ones or not so little ones at home ;)
If you are also a fan of the Day of the Dead, the Mexican celebration that remembers and celebrates the lives of the deceased, I invite you to check our origami Catrinas necklaces. And of course, our collection of necklaces inspired by Halloween with pumpkins, bats and origami paper skulls.
It is true that this year we will only be able to celebrate Witches' Day indoors. Therefore, what better way to practice origami than with these origami figures to decorate your house on Halloween?
"But why am I going to waste my time with some origami tutorials?" You may wonder. Well, because I believe that origami is not only manual skill but it can improve the image we have of ourselves. I want to explain this in detail in another blog post that I hope to publish soon, so I encourage you to subscribe to the Newsletter to find out as soon as it is published.
Let me know what you think about these tutorials and I really hope you enjoy them a lot! :) Inés

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