How to make an Origami Heart for Father's Day

Would you like to give something to your Father but you lack ideas?
Do you want to make a detail with meaning but without spending a lot of money?

Sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for our fathers and other times Father's Day comes without warning. That is why it seemed to me that you might like this tutorial as a diy handmade gift, which in the end may have more meaning than something bought.

I am quite sure you're going to love this tutorial to make an Origami Heart Tie for Father's Day because it isn´t a complicated pattern and the result is  super cool. And do not worry if you think that you are not good at crafts, because I will teach you step by step how to do it.

The only material you will need is:

- A squared 15 x 15 cm piece of paper (it looks better if it has different colors on each side).

I also accompanied it with a folded written note that I placed inside the back pocket of the origami heart. Here is the link to the tutorial to learn how to make a DIY Origami Heart with a Tie for Father´s Day:

 Origami Heart tie DIY Tutorial


Last year we did a collaboration with Ondarcy and we created a customizable downloadable origami card for Father's Day in case you'd like to include it along with the origami heart (it was made in Spanish):

Tarjeta personalizable día del padre


If you prefer to opt for a gift bought at Papiro Gems, we make super original cufflinks that will most probably surprise him:

Gemelos de camisa originales para el día del padre


And we also prepare custom portraits in case you want to give your father a unique gift that he will not ever forget:

Original Origami portrait


I hope you have liked this easy DIY craft for Father's Day and that you all can celebrate. :)

Do you want more original gift ideas? Well, I recommend that you visit our Papiro Gems website for origami designs and jewelry that tell a story.

Is it hard for you to find gifts? Well, this post in which I give you 9 tricks to find gifts is sure to be great for you.

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