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Are you looking for an affordable gift idea for Mother's Day?
free downloadable mother's day pop up card

There are only a few days left for Mother's Day and surely you want to give her a nice and modern gift to thank her for all the love she gives. We all know that sometimes we don't have to spend a lot of money to find something she likes, but how difficult it can be sometimes to find it! Well then... I have a gift idea for you and it's also free! You will find it below 👇.

Remember those crafty gifts you made for your mother as a child?

You would made them by hand 👐, the best you could and it didn't matter how they turned out because your mother always loved them. That's why I've designed this free downloadable card so we can give them a nice (and affordable) gift for Mother's Day. It will also be handmade with love. It is a DIY pop up card that you can paint or customize as you like and write something nice on it.

👉Here you can download the DIY pop up card for Mother's Day.

Click on the image and save it to your computer to print it:

Free pop up template modern card for mother's day

Materials and tools you will need:
  • Two cardstock papers (may be colored ones) in A4 or letter size.
  • Cutter*. (*ATTENTION! Children will need the help of an adult.)
  • Ruler to make straight cuts.
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape.

affordable gift idea DIY for mothers day

How to make a pop up card for Mother's Day?

Actually, it is not very complicated although children must be accompanied by an adult. Just follow these steps or this video with the instructions.

Instructions to make the pop up card for Mother's Day:
  1. Print the actual size image on cardstock paper.
  2. Cut the continuous lines with a cutter*.
  3. Fold the letters along the dotted lines, then carefully fold the card in half.
  4. Cut a slightly larger outer cardstock (20 cm by 18 cm or 8” by 7” approx.) and fold it in half.
  5. Glue or tape the cut part to the outer card.

❗ *ATTENTION! Children will need the help of an adult

And that's it! You already have a nice card to give her. I know she will love it! 😊

In case the steps are still a bit complicated to understand, you can also follow this instruction video 🎥 that I have published on my Instagram account @papirogems. In fact, I'd love to see your pop up card! Please take a photo and tag @papirogems on your social networks. 😉

If you would also like to congratulate all moms, here is a free image to send your Mother's Day congratulations by WhatsApp: 

Happy mothers day free card image

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Would you like to check the Spanish version? Here you have the Spanish version of the Mother's Day DIY card!

spanish version of DIY Mothers day card

But wait, when is Mother's Day this year?

tarjeta descargable gratis dia de las madres pop up

Well, in the United States, for example, 📆 Mother's Day Date is the second Sunday of May. So this year 2022 Mother's Day is Sunday May 8th.

Actually there are many different dates for Mother's Day depending on the country. In Spain, for example, Mother's Day is every frist Sunday in May so this year 2022 Mother's Day on May 1st. However, in Mexico it is a fixed date every year and Mother's Day is celebrated on May 10th.

✨ I hope you have enjoyed this free downloadable Mother's Day DIY pop up card, and I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

I have created these files for personal use only🙏 please do not use them for commercial purposes.

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