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Still don't have a gift 🎁 for Father's Day?

Father´s day diy pop up card


In today's post I am bringing a gift idea for Father's Day that is super affordable (practically FREE) and original that he will totally love and that you can also make even if you have little time left. You have it below 👇.

I don't know about you but when I want to find a gift for my father, it can sometimes be a headache because he already has everything. But I still want to find something special to thank him for all his love and everything he has taught me. So I was wondering 🤔...

What is the best dad gift for Father's Day?

After thinking about it for a while, I realized that perhaps the best Father's day gifts ever are the ones made with our own hands. What's more, I think they can too be the best gift for those who have just become fathers or for those who are going to be or even for a father's birthday because they will truly be made with a lot of love (like everything that is handmade, don't you think?😉).

That is why I have designed this FREE Template 🎉in the form of a cool DIY pop up card to congratulate fathers on their day.

👉Here you can download the pop up card to make a DIY craft for Father's Day:

Free template for gift fathers day

    How to make a DIY pop up card for Father's Day?

    It is not very complicated but children must be accompanied by an adult. Just follow these steps or this 🎥 video with the instructions.

    Materials and tools you will need:
    • Printer to print the template.
    • Two cardstock papers in letter size or A4 (may be colored ones).
    • Cutter*. (*ATTENTION! Children will need the help of an adult.)
    • Ruler to make some of the straight cuts.
    • Glue stick or double-sided tape.
    Instructions to make the pop up card for Mother's Day:
    1. Print the actual size of the image on cardstock paper.
    2. Cut the continuous lines with a cutter*.
    3. Fold the letters along the dotted lines, then carefully fold the card in half.
    4. Cut a slightly larger outer cardstock (20 cm by 18 cm or 8” by 7” approx.) and fold it in half.
    5. Glue or tape the cut part to the outer card.

     *ATTENTION! Children will need the help of adults.

    Free pop up car template for fathers day


    And that's it! Now you have a nice card to give him. I know he will love it! 😊

    As I said, in case these steps were a bit complicated, you can also follow this instruction video 🎥 that I have published on my Instagram account. In fact, I'd love to see your pop up card! Please take a photo and tag @papirogems on your social networks. 😉

    ✨ I hope you have enjoyed this free downloadable Father's Day DIY pop up card, and I wish you a very Happy Father's Day! You can 👉 SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don't miss new tutorials, templates and discounts.

    But wait, when is Father's Day this year 📆?

    Well, Father's Day is celebrated on different dates depending on the country. For example, in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Argentina or Chile (and in many other countries) it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. That is, in this 2022 Father's Day is celebrated on June 19th.

    However, in other countries such as Spain, Portugal or Bolivia, Father's Day is always celebrated on March 19 because it is Saint Joseph. And there are totally different dates for other countries too. Interesting, right?

    Descargable de tarjeta gratuita para el dia del padre Would you like to check the Spanish version? 👉 Here you have the Spanish version of the Father's Day DIY card!

    Would you like to see more crafts for Father's or Mother's Day?

    Would you like to see more DIY crafts for Father's or Mother's Day? Here's an origami Father's Day craft and an origami rose tutorial.  

    origami heart craft for father´s day

    origami rose tutorial

    I have created these files for personal use only🙏 please do not use them for commercial purposes.

    See you soon!
    💁‍♀️ Ines from Papiro Gems

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