9 Never-Failling Tips to Find Gifts

Finding gifts can sometimes be a headache, either because we are not really good at finding them or because that person already has many things or because we often have no idea what to give.
  Is it hard for you too to find gifts?

Are you tired of getting overwhelmed when looking for new ideas for presents?
Also this year, due to the situation we are experiencing, the search is being even more difficult and we do not know what to give during the quarantine. The pandemic does not make it easy for us to find gifts for birthdays or Christmas.
But do not despair my friend, because I am going to share with you my

9 Never-Failling Tips to Find Gifts

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1_Time is precious

In order to keep calm, it is very important to have time on our side and I would recommend that you plan a month or two weeks in advance of the date on which you want to give the gift. Activate some phone alarms to give you that time to search for the gift before the date and to be able to buy it online, if that is the case.

2_Take notes 

Have your phone or a notebook close by to write down the things that person says they like or need, even if the date is half a year away! The trick that I use is to write it down in the contact notes of that same person in my phone. So when the date approaches when I want to give that person something, I have a go-to list of things that person said that likes.
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3_Become a bit like Diogenes

If by chance you find that perfect gift and that person´s birthday is two months away, for example, don't hesitate and buy it. You never know if you will find it again or if you will remember where you saw it.
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4_Shopping together

Shopping together is a super effective way to find out exactly what that person likes. Get into explorer mode, keep your eyes and ears wide and write down everything you see that that person likes. Do it a month or two before so that it is not so noticeable that you are observing their movements ;)

5_Geeks rule

We all have a geek side, be it for a series, a saga, a hobby, a type of food or anything else. And that which makes us different or "weird" we carry it very close to our identity and we are passionate about it, don't you think?
Well, if you know that this person is very fan of something, exploit it because that geek side can be a mine to find gifts (yes, gifts in plural and for several occasions) that they really like. And how to find them? Nothing beats an internet search that begins with "Gifts or merchandise for fans of ..."
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6_Stand Out

We are all unique, right? But usually we surround ourselves with objects made in series and without any affection. That is why my recommendation, if you want your gift to have that special plus, it is that it is handmade. Handmade gifts are already a safe bet for a gift. I recommend you to take a  look at Etsy (a handmade shops platform) or that you search on Instagram with the Hashtag #handmade and its derivatives.
If you also want to make it even more special, my advice is to look for a personalized gift where you can add something from that person. I can almost garantee that person will certainly love it.

7_Combine and you will be right

It is a trick that I use a lot and with it I always succeed. It consists of putting together two (or more) things that that person likes a lot (it can be something material or experiences) and that may not have anything in common. Do an internet search for those two words at the same time and you will be surprised at the things that exist that can combine them.
As an example, I have a friend who is a cheese lover and a Star Wars super fan. So I looked up those two terms in an internet search and you can't imagine what came up? A cheese cutting and presentation board shaped like the baddies' heads from Star Wars!
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8_Strength through unity

Sometimes we discard a gift that we might like because it is out of our budget, but what if we share it with more people? This way, you can have another opinion and also put together a larger budget for a gift that you may like more.

9_Vouchers are the new cool

If you don't know exactly what to give as a present but you know more or less where things could go, I recommend that you give a gift voucher from a brand or experience that that person might like. I think that giving the option to that person to choose is already a great detail and that person will surely thank you.
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I hope you have liked these tips and that you succeed with your gifts and, above all that, you enjoy finding them ;)

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With love, Inés

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